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A full record of the Clubs league record going back to formation in 1888
A full record of the Clubs results in the FA Cup going back to 1908
A full record of the Clubs FA Trophy results since that competition started in 1969
All match results since 1975/76 season
Lineups, player appearance totals and scorers back to 2001 (work in progress)
The Dave Shaw archive - a fascinating collection of pen portraits of past players
Opponents List - Hednesfords record against all opponents since 1978
All match reports since 2006
All time club records and an 'On This Day' feature going back to 1975/76 season

Update April 2017: Please note: I have had a lot of problems with the software that runs this site as it is so old and not compatible with current server versions of PHP. I have had to re-write some of it myself so I am way behind with the 2016/17 match reports. When looking at statistics such as player appearances you should take into account matches for the current season that do not have a Report link next to them as these details are not yet added to the database.
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